The artist
The trainer
The restorer
I want to wake up, leave this terrifying dream: the dark "beast" has returned.
It kills its sisters and brothers, crushes them, mutilates them, it ravages fauna, flora, the hope and, for decades, will haunt our souls and hearts. But it's just a nightmare. Tomorrow, at dawn, I will find Ukraine free, beautiful, sovereign.
The foul beast will be nothing but a sad dream; whether it is or out of pity that it becomes!

Pierre Rousseau

“In the mysterious world of art, as in that moon where our gaze touched earlier, there is the peak of dreams. Jacob's ladder leans against this summit of the dream. Jacob, lying at the foot of the ladder, is the poet, this sleeper who has the eyes of the soul open; above, this firmament, it is the ideal. The white and dark shapes, winged or as if removed by a star that they have on the forehead, which climb the ladder, are his own creations of the poet that he sees in the penumbra of his brain making their ascent towards the light."

Promontorium somnii "the things of infinity"
Victor Hugo Philosophical Proses